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How to Name Disk Volumes in Windows 7


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Change the disk volume name from within Windows Explorer or the Command Prompt. The volume name has changed. The Command Prompt opens on your screen. Mike Benson has been a freelance writer since He has authored tech guides on eHow as well as product and game reviews on a number of websites.

Benson has a certification of computer fundamentals and literacy. Skip to main content. Windows Explorer 1.

Command Prompt 1. References 2 Microsoft Windows: Rename a Drive Microsoft TechNet: To change the name of a disk drive from an MS-DOS prompt , type command label , the drive letter you want to rename, and then choose a name.

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The example below would change the C: How to rename or label a disk drive Updated: Rename a file in Windows. Rename a file in Windows 3. Additional information How to change a drive letter.

Volume Label Definition, Restrictions, and More

How do I set up a hard drive and partition in Windows? How to delete a partition in Windows.

How to Change the Volume of a Mac using Terminal

See the label command page for additional information about this command.