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We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. Thank you for your interest and we are really sorry that we do not make usual updates on IndieDB. Our team is small and populated by talented artists and developers. We are going to need a promoter though! I am very sorry i missed the closed alpha this weekend: I will be online next weekend! Do you guys have a discord channel? We do not have a discord channel yet but it is in the todo list. Unfortunately not for this weeks tests.

However, we have setup for the test period a mumble server. We have emailed you the connection details. If you haven't received the preparation email don't hesitate to contact with us at care2play maslasbros.

We are really sorry for not replying to you earlier but since we are only two who are working on this project we are not regular visitors of IndieDb. If you still have problems with Flat Universe and you need any advice or any support from us please use any of the following ways to contact with us:. We just want to inform you that we are going to be interviewed by the guys at www.

The podcast is a YouTube live stream and you get to make questions that we will answer in real time! We are really sorry for our long absence from IndieDB. From the start of this year we did make a very long jump with our development progress and since we are only two who are working on it we decided two boost the development and leave the forums aside for while. As a matter of fact in a few days, not allowed to say exact day, the 0. Therefore we have uploaded some images showing off our enhanced graphics! Only registered members can share their thoughts. So come on! Join the community today totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation.

Third-Person Shooter. In short Fast paced top-down space shooter Multiple guns and missile systems Multiple types of spacecraft to fight with or against Systems damage modelling Next gen graphics and sound Single player branching campaign Multiplayer options with arena, versus and co-op modes Mission based game-play with objectives and sub-objectives Open-ended free flight option Full mission and campaign editor Immersive environments and space vistas Multiple star systems with seamless transitions Shaped by community feedback A game we like to play first and foremost How does it look?

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All the screenshots are either in game or from game engine cutscenes: More info You can find more information at: Flat Universe game page In universe web site including many addon stuff like the in-game magazine "Destiny's Way" and blueprints for the playable spacecraft. Post article RSS Articles. Red Flag Tournament: For those who will participate on the event, brace yourselves for the following type of games: Flying both pilots the same ship. Faction 1 vs 1 Kilrathi vs Confed. The available vs ship pairs will be announced by the FlatUniverse staff at the time of the match.

Flying both teams the same ship. Faction team vs team Kilrathi vs Confed.

Crazy Challenges, like catch the fool with the Broadsword etc. Spectator mode. As I mentioned before you will have the opportunity to watch every match you desire on the front row as a spectator. Public chat will give a stop to loneliness. If you don't have anyone to play Flat Universe against, pass by and make some friends or foes. Daedalus station is coming back to life again with interactive animated menus, rooms and consoles. Flat Universe. Flat Universe - what's new on Version 0.

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Flat Universe is all about. Add file RSS Files. FlatUniverse version 0. TaShadan Feb 28 Any news? I hope this project is not dead. MaslasBros May 14 Hi! TaShadan, You hopped correctly this project is not dead for sure. You can check out our newly refitted web site and enlist on the upcoming tournament.

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TaShadan Mar 6 I am very sorry i missed the closed alpha this weekend: MaslasBros Mar 7 Hey, no worries that's why we have arranged the next week for the closed alpha tests too. The player represents the Terran Confederation, the primary human government in the Wing Commander series. The Terran Confederation is an alliance of systems and regional governments which provide unified protection and economic growth.

Launching from carrier ships, the player fulfills various missions in space fighter aircraft. The games were all notable for their storytelling through extensive cutscenes. The Darkening. The Wing Commander game series began in with Wing Commander. The player begins his tour of duty as a young space fighter pilot on the carrier the TCS Tiger's Claw.

The player can set this character's name and callsign in the first games in the franchise. Through the player's heroic efforts, the Confederation is able to destroy the Kilrathi's sector headquarters and drive them from the Vega sector. Through the course of the Vega campaign, the player can gain numerous promotions and medals and fly in various squadrons, each featuring a different fighter.

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The game was notable for its innovative and seldom-repeated "campaign tree" structure, whereby the "path" the player took on the way to the end would be determined by the player's performance on preceding missions. In-game cinematics in "newsreel" format reflected the success or failure of the player and the Claw. Originally announced as Squadron , the name was changed to Wingleader shortly into development; however, trademark issues forced a name change to Wing Commander at the last moment. The development team's nickname for the otherwise-unnamed protagonist was "Bluehair," due to his unusual shade of hair.

Perhaps in a nod to this in-joke, when the character was given an actual name in later installments, Origin chose "Blair", a shortened version of the old nickname. A new Kilrathi secret weapon destroys the Terran colony of Goddard. In retribution, the Confederation plans a daring raid, Operation Thor's Hammer. Tiger's Claw must follow the Kilrathi deep into their own territory and destroy their new super weapon, the dreadnaught Sivar.

Looking back at the Wing Commander games

When the Confederation is just celebrating a new alliance with the bird-like native species of the planet Firekka, they learn that entire fleets of Kilrathi ships are leaving from other sectors and heading towards the Firekka system. Concerned, but massively outnumbered, the Confederation ships must retreat, but they soon learn from a Kilrathi defector that Firekka has been chosen as the place for a holy Kilrathi ceremony. The Confederation soon develops a plan to disrupt that ceremony in an act of terrorism meant to deliver a blow to enemy morale, and it is up to the pilots of Tiger's Claw to ensure the success of the mission.

The Secret Missions 2: Crusade was ported to the FM Towns. It featured new graphics, full speech and included a Secret Missions 1. Because of the full speech the player character is named "Armstrong", even though the same year's Wing Commander III would see the character named "Christopher Blair". Several of the ships created for were later reused in Armada. Super Wing Commander was ported to the Macintosh in Shortly after the Firekka campaign, the Tiger's Claw attempts to attack the Kilrathi headquarters in the Enigma sector, but is ambushed by new Kilrathi "Strakha" stealth fighters and is lost.

No one but Blair sees these fighters, so they are dismissed as an excuse to cover his cowardice. He is scapegoated for the loss of the Claw , is demoted to captain and transferred to a backwater space station. Ten years later, he is called back into action when he is able to save the Confederation's flagship, the TCS Concordia. Meeting many old friends there, he continues the fight against the Kilrathi, finally culminating in the destruction of their sector HQ, thus clearing his name and uncovering a traitor on the Concordia's flight decks, who was the mastermind behind the ambush and destruction of the Tiger's Claw.

Blair is transferred to the undercover Special Operations division, supporting Kilrathi colonies that are defecting from the Empire. But first he must solve the problem of a mutiny on a Confed cruiser.

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Jazz, the traitor from Wing Commander II , has fled imprisonment and the Mandarin the society of traitors are also able to steal some of the Confederation's newest top-secret fighters. Blair must hunt them down and face Jazz in one final showdown.

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In Wing Commander you blast your way through the Vega Campaign. Wing Commander 1 features an antiquated engine where the game speed is directly. Download the best classic and new games on Windows, Mac & Linux. A vast In Wing Commander you blast your way through the Vega Campaign. You'd.

The war is going very badly for the Confederation, far worse than what the public or the player generally knows. Battles are lost on all fronts, casualties are mounting, and the Concordia is destroyed. Colonel Christopher Blair the player from the first games, now with a set name , is transferred to the TCS Victory , an old ship from the first days of the war.

In a last-ditch attempt to win the war, Confed has designed the TCS Behemoth , a doomsday weapon able to destroy an entire planet. It is Blair's mission to help end this war for good, by destroying the Kilrathi homeworld of Kilrah. Unfortunately the Behemoth is destroyed by Kilrathi forces.

The enemy fighters seemed to know exactly about the weakpoints of the weapon. Later on Blair finds out that his old friend Hobbes, a Kilrathi defector, is a sleeper agent and the traitor responsible for the Confed's losses. The last hope of winning the war for the Confederation is a secret weapon, the "Temblor Bomb", using the tectonic instability of Kilrah to destroy the planet. Blair is finally able to attack Kilrah, firing the bomb and destroying the Kilrathi homeworld. Wing Commander III was the first game in the series to use full motion video as opposed to animated cutscenes, and texture-mapped 3D instead of sprite-based graphics.

The war with the Kilrathi is over, but not all is well within the Confederation. Skirmishes in the Border Worlds destroy ships regularly. Both Confed and the Union of Border Worlds assign blame to each other and the skirmishes threaten to lead to all-out war. Blair is soon recalled to active duty and sent to the Border Worlds to confirm Confed's determination. But he finds out that a conspiracy of war-mongers with members in the highest Confed circles are responsible for the attacks.

Defecting to the Border Worlds, Blair must expose the conspiracy to help restore the peace in a galaxy still torn over the events of the Kilrathi-Terran War. The Price of Freedom retained the storytelling-style of its predecessor, using live-action cutscenes with an ensemble cast of actors. The story's final sequence was innovative in that dialogue choices made by the player affected the outcome of the hearing. However, only three endings were possible, and two of the outcomes depended on the earlier choices made by the player. Peace has finally come to the Confederation, or so it seems.

Still remaining vigilant, they commission the new megacarrier TCS Midway , which is soon needed when Kilrathi worlds are attacked by an enemy whose coming was foretold in ancient Kilrathi prophecies. The insectoid enemy, codenamed the Nephilim, soon begin attacking Confed space and the Midway is called in to stop their advance.

As young hotshot pilot Lance Casey , the player must fight their organic ships to help destroy the wormhole they used to enter Kilrathi space, thereby halting the invasion, at least for a while. The Nephilim return, this time much closer to Earth. Transferred to the cruiser TCS Cerberus , Casey and his wingmates must repel the invasion once again. Secret Ops was an experiment in game distribution. It was at first only available as a free download. In regular intervals, new episodes were released, each featuring several new missions with the storyline told through in-game cutscenes.

The game was later available in a collection together with Prophecy , and sold as Prophecy Gold. A game where the player could build their own missions using ships from Wing Commander II. Set in the border regions of Confederation space, the player takes control of a privateer in Wing Commander , a "privateer" is a mercenary spacer who may profit by trading, performing various missions, or pirating. Meanwhile, an ancient alien spaceship has been awakened and is on the loose, attacking ships at random, and the player-controlled privateer may be the Confederation's only hope in defeating it.

This game featured a completely open-ended gameplay, with the player able to completely ignore the main storyline if they so desired. When the player's priceless Steltek Gun is stolen, he embarks on a quest that will bring him into conflict with the Luddite-like Church of Man and their shady leader, Mordecai Jones. Armada featured both an action and a strategy game mode and several multiplayer options. This add-on for Armada added numerous new features such as a new "arcade"-mode with powerups, radar-obscuring asteroids, and several new multiplayer options, including IPX.

Heart of the Tiger. At the time of its release only 20, copies were published. Kilrathi Saga also featured complete digital re-orchestrations of the original two soundtracks by George Oldziey. The packs were instead made available for download on the Origin website. Due to the add-on packs not being on the CDs there is a bug that causes some music to not be played during animated sequences in the add-ons.

Privateer 2 was launched in late by Erin Roberts. The game features live-action video scenes, directed by Steve Hilliker. Dani Behr voiced the onboard computer, also named Dani. The filming was done at Pinewood Studios in England. Set in a remote region of the Wing Commander universe in the Tri-System Confederation a three system government that has almost three thousand-year history of its own parallel to the Terran Confederation history , a cargo ship Canera is attacked during landing and crashes into Mendra City on planet Crius in the year of the Tri-System calendar the calendar appears to be longer than a Terran year with months that are about 40 days each.

One survivor, As Lev Arris, a man with no memory of who he is and no record of his existence prior to two weeks before the crash , awakens from his cryo-sleep and must take on the life of a privateer in the Tri-System, re-discovering his past along the way.

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A Next Generation critic said Privateer 2 "has rejuvenated the genre. He also praised the graphics, frame rate , flight mechanics, support for most flight sticks and throttles, and upgradeable ships, though he noted several glitches and the lack of Windows 95 support. He also criticized it as being a Wing Commander game in name only, with no apparent connection to the rest of the series. However, he concluded that "If you can accept its multiple shortcomings, you will find that Privateer 2 is actually a fairly solid game. The editors wrote, "Not quite as freewheeling as the original, Privateer 2 is still a fluid, immersive and enjoyable game experience.

Dogfights take place in one of nine environments, and pilots are able to choose from 18 ships. There can be up to 16 players in a single match. The title was released on July 25,